"Thinking with Fuels: Toward Postcarbon and Other Futures"

All are welcome to attend a lecture by Karen Pinkus, Professor of Italian and Comparative Literature, Cornell University entitled "Thinking with Fuels: Toward Postcarbon and Other Future" on Monday, April 10 at 6:00P.M. at Gailor Auditorium

In recent years, many in the humanities have turned their attention to climate change justice, the Anthropocene, and the carbon economy, among other topics. This talk is particularly interested in undoing the common sense and rhetorical knot that ties together "fuel" and "energy" (not to mention "electricity"). If we separate out and rigorously examine fuels, could they serve as critical tools to help confront the unfathomable temporal problems posed by accelerated greenhouse gas concentrations? Can they help us think—beyond the bad faith dream of merely substituting renewable for fossil-based substances—of different futures?

Prof. Pinkus is the author of Fuel: A Speculative Dictionary (Minnesota, 2016), Alchemical Mercury: A Theory of Ambivalence (Stanford, 2009), The Montesi Scandal: The Death of Wilma Montesi and the Birth of the Paparazzi in Fellini’s Rome (Chicago, 2003), and Bodily Regimes: Italian Advertising Under Fascism (Minnesota, 1995). 

Sponsored by the Lectures Committee, Italian, and Spanish, with support from Environmental Arts and Humanities