Forests and Climate Change

Forestry professor Scott Torreano has co-authored book chapter in Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Management Options.  A Guide for Natural Resource Managers in Southern Forest Ecosystems.  The chapter was entitled, "Climate-Induced Migration of Native Tree Populations and Consequences for Forest Composition.  Sewanee students Nathan McLarty and Chip Bryers(C’09) and Patrick Vestal (C’12) have been involved in the research, which has included three peer-reviewed publications, and an upcoming paper reporting on an old-growth forest near Nashville.


McNab WH, MA Spetich, RW Perry, JD Haywood, S Gull-Laird, SL Clark, JL Hart, SJ Torreano, and ML Buchanan. 2013. Climate induced migration of native tree populations and consequences for forest composition. In: JM Vose and K Klepzig (Eds), Climate change adaptation and mitigation management options: a guide for natural resource managers in southern forest ecosystems. CRC Press, Boca Raton.